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food inc.

this afternoon i got a text from my buddy taylor informing me of a free screening of the film food, inc. so after work i rode over to the guild 45th to check out this robert kenner film.

our food system is crazy. i knew this before seeing the film because of michael pollan’s the omnivore’s dilemma and the documentary king corn, but this film gave some other interesting aspects of our food system. the way in which our food system interacts with our justice system and our social systems, and vice versa, is astonishing. the social injustices exposed in this film made me wish i could personify our food system, and then give that guy a swift kick to the bollocks.

if you haven’t seen this film yet, you most definitely should. it will open your eyes to some issues that could change the way you live, for the better of course.

p.s. the grass farmer is by far my favorite personality of the film…just want to cook some food and have a beer with that guy.