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clutchy hopkins – verbal headlock

Clutchy Hopkins – Verbal Headlock by Ubiquity Records on Vimeo

warn your kids about glenn beck

my friend josh sent this to me this morning and made my day. oh seattle, how i miss thee.


my amazing girlfriend sent me some images from gentry that made my morning:

Description of Gentry’s work:
“Since graduating from Central St Martins in 2006, the focus has been to explore how technological advancement is affecting society. Throughout history, information has always been recorded on physical objects. Important documents, favourite songs, videos and more were stored on mountains of tapes, polaroids, cassettes and disks. As media is rapidly absorbed into the World Wide Web the rich variety of formats of the past are becoming obsolete.

This represents a big shift away from physical, real world objects, driving towards a human existence that is ultimately governed by billions of intangible data files. This release of information from the physical form allows personal data and identities to now be revealed and infinitely shared online. At the same time many of us consider individuality and privacy to be more precious than ever. Will humans be forever compatible with our own technology?

Each floppy disk used in the paintings has a history and story of its own. It represents the increasing pace of the modern life cycle, where objects are created, used and disposed of quicker than ever. To challenge this notion, as these personal artefacts of life are cast aside, the obsolete are now given new life and a renewed purpose by using them as a medium for art.”

more Gentry

hair letterpress

love this!

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rebranding america – shepard fairey


“My long time friends at Paper magazine asked me to submit a design for their feature on re-branding America. I agree that America needs to spruce up its image, so I chose a green energy theme. I was very flattered that the agency Crispin Porter & Bugosky included my HOPE graphic in their design. There is an article on the project on and you can see all of the pieces on the Paper website. Check it out.”


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armsrock in berlin

loving the work of armsrock. can’t wait to see more of his work as he “explores and challenges some of the grimmer aspects of the human condition.”


(found @ wooster collective)

art as voice

it is beautiful when art gives voice to the voiceless and serves a purpose much larger than itself.




“I just finished installing a project that I have been working on since the new year commissioned by The Royal Ontario Museum and the Contact Photography Festival. The work has all been installed inside the Museum, as part of Housepaint, a larger project more specifically about homelessness and shelter. And for the purposes of working in my usual way and to create a juxtaposition between indoor and outdoor, I have also put the work up illegally in numerous spots around Toronto.

The project is called the Unaddressed and it focuses on the under-housed, giving voice to their personal opinions. Over the course of 3 months I met with 18 individuals who are currently or have recently been homeless. Through meeting, talking about their lives and discussing issues that were important to them, they developed their announcements and created a cardboard sign to reveal them. By photographing homeless and formerly homeless individuals holding cardboard signs that announce their concerns, the hope is challenge preconceived notions of homelessness and make the passers-by realize how serious the situation is and that everybody deserves the same basic necessities of life and to be treated the same way. Basically do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This was definitely the hardest project that I have worked on in terms of trying to get it right, as you guys like to say. I want the viewer to feel compassion for these individuals and others like them, without feeling pity. I wanted the subjects to feel empowered without being exploited. I wanted the work to have presence in its aesthetic, yet hold true to the fact that these people often blend into the background when they are out in the city.”…. Dan

(via wooster collective)