Google Maps WIN!!

One of the things I love most about technology today is the incredibly fast access to information that it provides. I realize this has the potential to be both a positive and negative aspect of our digitally networked world, but last weekend it was nothing but positive.

For months, my girlfriend and I had been talking about an upcoming wedding. One of her best friends was getting married, and my girlfriend was a bridesmaid, so she was going to be with the bride all day before the wedding and I was going to arrive at the wedding on my own. We had multiple conversations in which she told me the wedding was at the Seattle Yacht Club, so when it came time to leave for the wedding, I just searched for the Seattle Yacht Club on Google maps and was on my way. I arrived at the wedding twenty minutes early, but the parking lot seemed strangely empty. I walked in to the Seattle Yacht Club to ask where I could find the wedding, and my suspicions were confirmed. I was in the wrong place! I quickly called my girlfriend. “Oh yeah, its at the Seattle Tennis Club. Sorry,” was her reply. She immediately texted me the address for the Seattle Tennis Club, which I copied and pasted in to Google maps on my iPhone. Once I had the directions, I drove like Mad Max, made it to the ceremony five minutes before they started and had an amazing night celebrating with friends.

Thank you for the WIN Google maps!


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