Social Media & Digital Communications – My New Ventures

I have been meaning to post more frequently, but life has been more busy than usual and full of many transitions. About a month ago I moved back to the amazing city of Seattle, WA to take a position as a Digital Communications Coordinator for a local non-profit. I am incredibly excited about this position, and in starting this venture I have discovered a  couple new passions:

1. Social Media – I knew that I loved social media, but being immersed in it from a business perspective, developing strategies and building relationships with new communities has sparked a passion in me and I am excited to see where it will take me.

2. Digital Communications – Social media being one aspect of digital communications, I am excited to explore the broader world of digital communication and further learn how to develop strategies for telling the story of a brand through engaging content and the effective integration of various digital communication tools.

So, as I continue to post my inspirations, expect the above passions to start making some more frequent appearences.


2 responses to “Social Media & Digital Communications – My New Ventures

  1. Sounds like you have a sweet gig! Stoked for you…

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