mt st helens vietnam band

last friday night some friends and i ventured over to neumos to catch the cd release show of mt st helens vietnam band. as sunny and i moved downstairs in preparation for the show to begin, a woman walked up and handed me a carton of ice cream and two spoons. i had heard rumor there would be molly moon’s homemade ice cream, little did i know the band had their own flavor. the coconut ice cream with chocolate chunks and huckleberry sauce was a little pre-show taste of heaven. then out came the band in their matching vests that look as though they were cut from my grandma’s window curtains. the show was fun and energetic with tracy verdoes playing percussion created from poles with bells on the end, marshall on the drums, and the other three creating the rest of the magic. towards the end, ben handed off the guitar to tracy and joined marshall on the drums, bringing back memories of watching ben play stand up drums and do vocals for in praise of folly. all in all a great show. so if you get the chance, go experience the live magic of mt st helens vietnam band or buy their newly released album and help support them in the fight against homeostasis.


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