thursday after ash wednesday prayer

Lord Father, 

May I have eyes to see your work, may I have courage to join it.  

May I have ears to hear your voice, and a mouth to repeat what I hear.

May I have hands to embrace your presence, and fingers to hold those in need.

May I have a nose to smell sweet things, and humility to create them for others.

May I taste your grace, and let its flavor overcome the bitterness of my brokenness.


– Drew Kreeger @ Gold Fears No Fire


One response to “thursday after ash wednesday prayer

  1. In response to your comment on Jake’s post “overcoming”:

    “..It is only because of our hardness of hearts that we think this is too little.”

    I confess that I do often forget that God is bigger than all of this, and I am guilty of thinking (consciously or not) that he is too little.

    But I still have a hard time with what you are saying, and maybe it is because of the hardness of my heart.

    Travis, you ask “If Jesus did not come to eradicate disease, end poverty, and establish world peace, then why do we think we can or must?”

    Well, I’m not sure we can completely eradicate disease and poverty, but mustn’t we try to change it? We are called to do justice, and we are called to treat ‘the least of these’ as we would treat Jesus. So, yes of course we are called to make known the living God, as you say. But are we not also called to glorify that same living God by doing justice and helping those in need?

    I am probably misunderstanding, but your question is a little unsettling to me. It sounds like you are saying that we shouldn’t try to eradicate disease or poverty, but instead we are called to make known the living God.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. And as comments on blogs or any online correspondence can so often be misunderstood, know that I ask only so I can better understand what you meant, not to pick a fight. 🙂



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