one of these things is not like the other…

some friends and i found this site today that gave us a good laugh: are you ready for it? 
now that you have experienced its glory for yourself, i must pose a few questions and give a few observations.

  1. as you look, ask yourself “which one of these things is not like the other?”
  2. the guy in the deluxe jesus costume looks a bit creepy, and socially awkward
  3. two jesus costumes with no beards, really?
  4. apparently mary was a catholic nun
  5. how cool is joseph? i think he just got done surfing the morning break and made it back to the manger just in time for the photo op.
  6. purple and blue wiseman costumes….”I feel like you could get mistaken for a wizard or other person that holds magical qualities” (good one B)
  7. pretty sure wiseman #4 took a break from commanding the death star to have his picture taken
  8. please notice who appears between the wise man costume #4 and the biblical peasant lady costume

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