i will not boast in anything…

i think this election has my attention more than any other. perhaps it is because i am now an “adult”. perhaps it is all the reading of great minds who critique american society and culture. perhaps it is because of all the build up of this being such an epic election. whatever the reason, it has my attention. last night as i sat and worshiped with the high school students i spend some time with, these words stuck out to me:

“i will not boast in anything: no gifts, no power, no wisdom.
but I will boast in Jesus Christ; his death and resurrection.”

i started to think of these words in the context of the two party conventions i had just watched through various media sources. i started to think of all the words that had been put forth by the nominees and those selected by their party to share the podium. the words of mitt romney rang in my ears: “President McCain and Vice President Palin will keep America as it has always been — the hope of the world.” really? hope of the world?

as our votes are pursued, i hope that we as the church will remember in whom our hope is found. i hope that we will not boast in the gifts, powers, and wisdom of one candidate over another. i hope that we will not boast in america. i hope the only boasting coming from the church bears witness to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our only hope.


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