you take your car to work, i’ll take my bike

this morning i experienced one of the more gratifying feelings i have experienced as of late. i rolled out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, threw some supplies for the day in my back pack and set off for work on my bike. now, you have to understand that my bike and i have been spending a fair amount of time together lately, and we are developing a very spiritual bond. she always wants to hang out, and my time with her feeds the soul. its as if two are becoming one.

so i rode down queen anne towards that crazy intersection that is the queen anne u-turn for highway 99. as i approached the line of cars waiting at the five way stop, the feeling set in. i came upon the last car in line, veered to the right and continued to ride on that little piece of road between the trapped vehicles and the curb. i always wonder what goes through the head of those sitting in their cars. i wonder if it is more of a “that jerk biker”, spoken from a place of jealousy because they are staring at the back of the car in front of them with red brake lights illuminated. or maybe it is the thought that runs through my head when i am in my car and a biker rides through: “why am i not on my bike right now?”. i made it through the perilous intersection and down to dexter.

i love riding dexter because there are always other bikers commuting to wherever they may be commuting. so that stretch of pavement becomes the “tour de dexter” and i get to live the dream of being a hardcore rider passing others in a quest for the big finish. granted, those i may be passing on any given morning are out of shape fifty-somethings in spandex bike shorts they probably shouldn’t be allowed to wear, but just let me live my illusion.

then comes the best part. the riding of fifth avenue. i love riding through downtown in general, but this street in the morning lifts my soul (as long as i am on my bike and not in my car). pretty much bumper to bumper, car commuters creep forward in an attempt to make it to work in a timely fashion, and then i get the gratifying feeling of riding between them all, being ever vigilant for the no blinker lane change, and making it to work before most of the car dwellers. its a beautifully gratifying experience.

so, you take your car to work, i’ll take my bike.


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