chalking nor. cal

so i made the trek down to sacramento california this weekend to attend a wedding and to see a certain someone. after tweleve hours of driving, a few hours of sleep, and an afternoon of hanging out with that certain someone, came the news that i was not going to be able to attend the rehearsal dinner as expected. seeing as how everyone i knew in the greater sacramento area was going to be at that dinner, i was a little bummed, but little did i know an adventure was ahead of me. after sitting in the hotel room for a while, not sure what to do or where to go, i took to heart the ninth statement of bruce mau’s incomplete manifesto and decided to just begin anywhere. i went and got in the car and drove, not exactly the first thing i wanted to do after twelve hours of driving, just to see what was around me. after driving a bit, i stopped and walked around wal-mart. an experience that does not happen very often, but i am glad it did this night. after a $2.50 purchase, probably one of my better purchases as of late, i drove back to the hotel, pulled my longboard from the trunk, and with my wal-mart purchase in hand, kicked and pushed to a nearby vacant parking lot. a large expanse of grey pavement was before me, screaming for the beauty of color. i put in my ear buds, put on some album leaf, and began to explore:




 that night, a vacant parking lot and chalk helped me find color among grey, to find beauty in darkness. as i laid on the pavement of that vacant parking lot staring at the sky and pondering life, i couldn’t help but theologize. what joy He must find in bringing color in to a seemingly grey and hurting would. what pleasure He must find in making all things new. that night i saw a glimpse of redemption. that night i remembered to look for beauty in every situation.

thank you sacramento for a night of spontaneity!


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