what a fun life

recently i have been reminded of what a fun/blessed life i live. in the midst of dreaming about the future and trying to decide what the next steps of life will be, i have been reminded to enjoy the present moment and live the hell out of it. for multiple reasons, this weekend was a great reminder of what a blessed life i live. here they be:

Thursday: barcelona concert with friends and a killer dance party post show. dancing on stage is amazing.

Friday: afternoon of sun, riding my bike all over seattle, friends, and croquet. a night at Carkeek park with rachelle.

Saturday: big breakfast with the boys. an afternoon in the letterpress studio. sitting in the sun reading Dostoevsky. bbq at the greeklake house. more croquet. couch jumping with brandon and les which quickly turned in to couch fighting with the pillows/cushions (pretty sure everyone thought we were crazy). driving to bellevue while listening to Justice. swimming pool/hot tub thanks to ryan peterson.

Sunday: church. longboarding with les, followed by our thoughts on life. some more Dostoevsky in the sun. dinner with christopher grafmiller. a night of arrested development with rachelle.

what a life. note to self: remember to enjoy life moment by moment and not get so caught up in the distractions of the future. remember to enjoy the people that you journey with. remember to dance with reckless abandon. remember to enjoy the simple things. the future will take care of itself, remember to live.


One response to “what a fun life

  1. trav…so happy you decided to make the switch. now i can read your stuff. hey man. i agree with you on just living life. if we take things so seriously all the time, we get caught up in ourselves and our issues…and although they’re good to deal with…we are called to live much more in relation to others…thinking about, loving, praying for, serving others. that’s who we’re supposed to be. anyway…i hope to talk to you soon. i miss you greatly and pray for you daily. booshkah!

    love you brother,

    ps…i wrote in all lowercase because i’m really emo…

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