a dream becomes reality

on sunday, may 4th 2008, one of my many dreams became a reality. i used to walk in to any of the many coffee shops in seattle and would get hit with a twinge of jealousy as i walked past the many glowing pieces of fruit sitting in front of the various patrons. slowly, a majority of my friends have joined the ranks of the glowing fruit wielding army, and i have dreamt of the day when i would gloriously join. on sunday, that day came, the dream was realized, and i am now the owner of a new macbook pro! this has been a long time coming as my compaq presario 2100 (what do those numbers even mean?) has been dying a long, slow death since its purchase in 2004 with me yelling choice words at its screen in the process. at this moment, i am sitting in the M street market during my lunch break on capitol hill, typing on this new beautiful piece of machinery and rejoicing that life will be just a little easier. 
p.s. all of my friends scattered around the world, i can now skype and see your beautiful faces, so lets hook that isht in! 

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